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Eleanor Of Aquitaine

Eleanor was the elder daughter of William, tenth Duke of Aquitaine. The exact date of her birth is unknown, but she was raised in one of Europe's most cultured courts and given an excellent.

Eleanor was born to William X, Duke of Aquitaine, in the largest and richest province in medieval France. Upon her father’s death in , she inherited Aquitaine along with seven other countries; her brother had died as a baby and her only other sibling was a younger sister. She was placed under the guardianship of King Louis VI and married.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, also called Eleanor of Guyenne, French Éléonore or Aliénor, d’Aquitaine or de Guyenne, (born c. —died April 1, , Fontevrault, Anjou, France), queen consort of both Louis VII of France (–52) and Henry II of England (–) and mother of Richard I (the Lionheart) and John of was perhaps the most powerful woman in 12th-century Europe.

 · Eleanor of Aquitaine (l. c. CE) was one of the most impressive and powerful figures of the High Middle Ages ( CE) – male or female – whose influence shaped the politics, art, medieval literature, and perception of women in her era.. She was the Duchess of Aquitaine, a province of France, from CE, Queen of France ( CE), and Queen of England .

Eleanor of Aquitaine. Eleanor of Aquitaine was queen of two great medieval European powers – England and France. One of the wealthiest women in Europe, she played a very active role in government affairs. Lived: about – Field: Royalty, government affairs. Key moment: Taking part in a plot against her husband, King Henry II, in

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  1.  · Eleanor of Aquitaine Becomes Queen of France. Louis and Eleanor were married in July , but had little time to get to know one another before Louis’ father the king fell ill and ted Reading Time: 7 mins.

  2. Eleanor was the daughter and heiress of William X, duke of Aquitaine and count of Poitiers, who possessed one of the largest domains in France—larger, in fact, than those held by the French king. Upon William’s death in she inherited the duchy of Aquitaine and in July married the heir to the French throne, who succeeded his father.

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