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Mean Disposition

Disposition. Act of disposing; transferring to the care or possession of another. The parting with, alienation of, or giving up of property. The final settlement of a matter and, with reference to decisions announced by a court, a judge's ruling is commonly referred to as .

Disposition: one's characteristic attitude or mood. Synonyms: grain, nature, temper Find the right word. SINCE While all these words mean "the dominant quality or qualities distinguishing a person or group," disposition implies customary moods and attitude toward the life around one.

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disposition. (ˌdɪspəˈzɪʃən) n. 1. a person's usual temperament or frame of mind. 2. (Psychology) a natural or acquired tendency, inclination, or habit in a person or thing. 3. (Commerce) another word for disposal 2, disposal 3, disposal 4, disposal 5. 4.

What is the definition of disposition? Meaning of disposition. 1: the usual attitude or mood of a person or animal He always had a cheerful/nervous disposition.[=temperament, personality] It's nice to work with someone who has such a sunny disposition.. [=who is usually cheerful] a dog with an excellent disposition.

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  1. Definition of disposition. 1 a: prevailing tendency, mood, or inclination. b: temperamental makeup. c: the tendency of something to act in a certain manner under given circumstances. 2: the act or the power of disposing or the state of being disposed: such as. a: administration, control.

  2. synonym study for disposition. 1. Disposition, temper, temperament refer to the aspects and habits of mind and emotion that one displays over a length of time. Disposition is the natural or prevailing aspect of one's mind as shown in behavior and in relationships with others: a .

  3. Someone's disposition is their mood or general attitude about life. If your friend woke up on the wrong side of the bed, tell her that she might need a disposition makeover. Disposition means the positive or negative way a person views the world. In contrast, your character is determined by your inner moral values, and your personality reflects what you're like as an individual.

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