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Harem Leader - Debauched - Debauched (Vinyl)

A dark reverse harem series with cliffhangers and drama in abundance, British characters, high steam and a HEA in the final book. Get ready for more of Ash and her boys - Quinn, Xavier, Eric and Rory. The Devil's Syndicate: Deceived #1. Defied #2. Derailed #3. Debauched #4. Depraved #/5(92).

de·bauch (dĭ-bôch′) v. de·bauched, de·bauch·ing, de·bauch·es 1. a. To corrupt morally. See Synonyms at corrupt. b. To seduce (someone). 2. To reduce the value, quality, or excellence of; debase: debauch a currency. 3. Archaic To cause to forsake allegiance. To indulge in dissipation. n. 1. The act or a period of debauchery. 2. An.

Debauch definition is - to corrupt by intemperance or sensuality. How to use debauch in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of debauch.

adjective. Indulging in or characterized by excessive indulgence in sex, alcohol, or drugs. ‘a debauched lifestyle’. More example sentences. ‘Still being in their 20s always helps even if their debauched lifestyle of drink and drugs should have pretty much killed them by now.’. ‘Instead it turned into an orgy of debauched excess.

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English debauched de‧bauched / dɪˈbɔːtʃt $ -ˈbɒːtʃt, -ˈbɑːtʃt / adjective formal BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONS someone who is debauched behaves in a bad or immoral way, for example by drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs, or having sex with many people Examples from the Corpus debauched.

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