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Probably A U.F.O.

 · A Northeast Ohio man is convinced he captured video of a UFO on Tuesday night, but a veteran pilot says there’s a logical explanation for what the witness spotted in the sky.

U.F.O. or Unidentified Flying Object is the term given to an object that is seen in the sky that can't be explained. An alien explanation is not always given. An optical illusion might cause a plane or a bird for example to not look like what its supposed to.

 · Eric W. Davis, an astrophysicist who worked as a subcontractor and then a consultant for the Pentagon U.F.O. program since , said that, in some cases, examination of .

 · Dying Satellite, Not U.F.O. or Meteor, Likely Caused Midwest Fireball The fiery trail astonished viewers in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, but a Russian military spacecraft was .

Answer (1 of 7): If it looks like a UFO, spins like a UFO and abducts you like a UFO, is it probably a UFO? No. It’s more likely a mental breakdown.

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  1.  · UFOs are real. There is ample proof of this. What is not easy to prove are the origins of the UFOs. “UFO” simply means unidentified flying object. There are plenty of things that can cause a UFO, which can be easily explained. If a person takes a pie pan, throws it into the air, and takes a snapshot of it, it can appear to be a : William Vinson.

  2. An unidentified flying object (UFO) is any perceived aerial phenomenon that cannot immediately be identified or UFOs are identified or investigated as conventional objects or phenomena. The phrase was coined as an acronym by Project Blue Book head Edward J. Ruppelt, but today UFO is widely used as a stand-in for extraterrestrial spacecraft-aircraft that people claim to have.

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